Online Classes

If you've ever wanted to make quick and easy wire wrap bracelets as gifts for yourself, family or friends, you can now get my class for free!

You can access my Skillshare class right here and get 2 free months when you enroll for your free trial. Take the 2 free months and cancel when it's over if you would like-Skillshare sends you a reminder when your free membership is ending so you can unsubscribe if you want to then. (You will need to provide billing information when you sign up, but they will not charge you until the trial ends.)

In the meantime, you can access thousands of high quality classes for nothing-so load yourself up with learning! Way better for your brain than binge-watching Netflix!

I'll be adding classes at least once a month, so once you sign up and enroll as one of my students, you'll get notified every time I post a class and will be able to keep on building your jewelry making skills with me as well as the other Skillshare teachers.

 Check it out for free now right here and start building those jewelry making skills! Who knows where they might take you?

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