Saturday, February 2, 2013

Photo Editing

Dream Balloons

I have been searching for how to improve the look of my photos after suffering through the editing software that my computer came with 7 years ago and dabbling with Photoshop (the free version doesn't seem to have many features unless I'm missing something.)

A while back, I started asking several artists what kind of cameras they use and many said they use the Canon Rebel.  I looked into purchasing one and if I recall correctly it was $500.00+ for the cheaper models without any extra good stuff (I'm a fan of extra good stuff!)  I started saving up to make the investment so that I could post some decent pictures.

Then, I asked  Tracie Hanson, who's photos I really admire, how she makes her photos look so great.  She said she has a fancy camera, but lately she's just been using her I-phone to take the pictures along with I-photo to do some basic editing.  At the time, I had a dumb phone and secretly hoped my husband would get me a camera for Christmas.  He didn't... but he did get me an i-phone which has proven to be even more perfect.  I can't envision myself hauling a big camera around when I have a decent little camera in my pocket.

So, now I'm using i-phone and i-photo for all of my online photos. I downloaded i-photo through the app store for $4.99.  I know  Instagram (free app) is very popular (even with 11 year old kids!) and makes sharing your photos really easy.    I'm going to set that up along with the free app "Instaframe" that lets you create photo collages.

Thought I'd share in case you're looking to improve your online photos. Please post a comment if you have other tools that work great too.

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