Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blog Rules

I hate rules.  And I'm coming to hate "the online success" rules.

Sometimes the advice I find when I sign up for one of the gazillion free advice systems out there on how to generate traffic or make money or build your online business makes me feel like I couldn't possibly do all of what's required to succeed at this, so why bother?

Things like if you want to be a success online you have to build your list and comment on people's blogs and have a social media presence and give your own webinars and a host of things that are likely great advice.  Problem is, all of these "shoulds" snatch the fun right out of why you wanted to do this in the first place.

To share.  To connect. To draw what you most enjoy doing into your life.

Not to drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with all these things you feel you must be doing and that make it feel so daunting and like a chore.

Maybe I'll just make jewelry or teach or paint.

And as soon as I think it, the thought arises that this is the path that feels best to me-sharing my experience online and helping others to see what's possible.

I've been judging myself against all of these ridiculous standards when really the truth is (and this just really sank in deeply for me today):

The only way I can fail is if I give up.  

Just like with painting.  If you want to get to the good stuff, you have to keep going.  Even and especially when quitting seems easier.

I've committed to action in whatever form it shows up for me.  

And if breaking the blogging rules is what feels right, then that's how I'll do it.  

I might not post on a regular schedule.  My photos aren't going to be perfect.  I don't have as much time as I'd like to comment on other people's blogs and be on social media.  But I think I can find a way to make this work.

What if you could find a way to create an online presence that flows naturally from where you are?  Hmmm...what would be possible then? (Oh, and I'm going to post this at 8:30 EST which is not the optimal posting time, but now that I'm a rule-breaka, I can do whatever I want!)


Unknown said...

Do it however you want Kelly...don't let people tell you how to do it !!
Make your own rules !!

Regina Jessup.Art.Design said...

Yes, breaking all the rules lol
Another post that resonates with me. I think we'll get to wherever we're supposed to be getting to in the social media scene.
I mean when you're actually living your life and experiencing the world there's just no way you can be on twitter/fb/pinterest... Being in the moment is so much more fun than posting online.. while I'm attending last nights grad party, or today's wedding (newlyweds taking a break :))) ha
Good luck Kelly, hard work is the only way to be successful. I can't wait to take one of your workshops.

Cynthia Lee said...

I just read this posts at craftypod ...

I think she is right and speaks to a lot of the frustration of building an audience with the saturation of social media. She relieves a lot of pressure as well.

Personally, the centering question that I ask myself is if I am being authentic ... whether that is on my blog, facebook, twitter, instagram ... am I being authentic. I also try to follow the flow. Some weeks, one of those platforms just feels like a better fit than others. I don't stress about whether I have tweeted daily or posted a weekly feature. In fact, I have purposely stayed away from calling something a weekly feature because I don't want to be a stick I am using to beat myself up with. I do have Ten Minute Tuesdays simply because I love alliteration and it takes ten minutes ... but I will make no apologies if I can't even post that each week.

The essence of what I am saying ... follow your heart, listen to your wisdom, be real. Do what you love. I am just naive enough to believe that will grow into what it needs to be, a reflection of you.

Kelly D said...

Appreciate the encouragement Alan. I can only do this my way, even though I know so much of the advice I read has worked for others, it doesn't necessarily fit for me, so I'm making my own way.

Kelly D said...

Yes Regina-Life does get in the way of our intentions to invest as much time and energy as we can. I have to pick and choose the social media that I most enjoy-not just the stuff I feel like I have to do. I'm trying to squeeze so much into my non-work time, I'm really drilling down to what's the most effective as well as most enjoyable of my options, to make the most of my time. Yay! Workshops...definitely on the horizon!

Kelly D said...

Cynthia-Ahh...pressure relieved. I love your words, "I don't want to be a stick I am using to beat myself up with"-YES!!! or maybe NOOO!!! I don't either. This is meant to be joyful, fun and yes-authentic and real. That comes with finding your voice and what exactly it is that you want to communicate and share (which seems to be evolving and changing constantly.) Thank you for the link and wisdom.