Monday, July 29, 2013

Staying Curious

Drops of Sunlight

I'm starting to formalize my jewelry making business.  
I've approached a couple of places to sell my earrings locally-it's exciting and wickedly nerve-wracking at the same time to put yourself out there.

To make yourself a little vulnerable.

 It takes you to a place of potential rejection, which is always a squirmy feeling, but it's the place you have to go if you want to move forward.

I went to an Arts and Crafts Festival this weekend and I use this as study time, but also for inspiration and motivation.  You can use these events to learn a ton about what others in your creative area are doing.

What are people charging? And holy crap, what are you going to charge when you start to sell your work? How do your materials and work compare in terms of pricing? I came away with the distinct knowing that my prices are too low and my friend actually yelled at me when she found out what I had been charging.

How do they display their work? I've been shopping around for cards to display my earrings and I saw a lot of creative alternatives to standard earring cards, many hand made.

What materials are other artists using? Silver, copper, mixed media? I find people charge based on the materials they use, the time it takes to create the product and their own personal experience, reputation, expertise...

What stands out most to me? What's the feeling you want to create for the people who buy your  products or services? Energized, relaxed, playful, educational?
 What booths are you most drawn to and why? Is it the colors, the simplicity, the products themselves?

You can learn so much from what others are doing, both online and in person.  
 Drop in with a sense of curiosity, knowing that you will integrate new ideas in your own way that will be a reflection of your style.


serenity said...

Awesome attitude, Kelly. To go into it with a sense of curiosity and learning. Knowing that what you will bring will be something from your own heart and creativity, so therefore, unique. I think years ago, when I went to art fairs, I felt very intimidated by the rows and rows of beautiful jewelry booths, wondering how in the world mine would stand out. It's humbling. But your post here is exactly on target. Stay with your heart, learn what draws you, and the Universe will bring you interested customers. (I can also SO relate to pricing yourself waaay too low.) You go, girl. You are an inspiration to me.

Kelly D said...

Love the encouragement and uplifting words Serenity. What a warm way to start a Monday. Thank you.