Thursday, December 11, 2014

Is Teaching in Your 2015 Plan?

As much as I keep pushing it away, teaching keeps boomeranging back to me as something I feel called to do. I'm a perpetual student-in love with learning.  Teaching is one of the best ways I know to truly push your own learning to new and deeper levels. 

When you share what you love, you have the opportunity to genuinely empower others with tools they can use to create and even build a source of income. These two things are vital to me: sharing my enthusiasm and giving women real power they can use to change their lives if they choose.

I recently had a chat with another artist who was noticing that many artists who are building sustainable businesses, teach. Offering classes is a great way to build consistent income over time, if you can pull all of the pieces together well.

So, my artsy friends, what is stopping you from teaching your craft? Are you ready to include teaching in your plan for 2015?

I've been teaching over the past two years and I would love to help you get started, so here is where we'll begin.  Over the next few weeks, we'll dive into these topics on the blog:
  • How to design classes that are a perfect match for you
  • How to find and land places to teach
  • One of the biggest mistakes new teachers make and how to avoid it
  • Nervous about teaching?  I'll share a secret to make it much easier.
If you're teaching in 2015, you won't want to miss any of these, so sign up for my email list below and you'll get them right in your inbox.


Unknown said...

Uncanny timing...I was just thinking about you.
Can't wait!

Kelly D said...

That's funny Dru-I was thinking about you too! We have to get together and create-I'll put something together right after the holiday.