Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tips for Teaching Wine and Paint Classes

Here's a Question I received this week:
Q: "We are doing a "Paint 'n Sip" in our church basement as an appreciation event. I am not planning to make this into a business because I already have a day job.

Do you have any tips?"

A: Why yes, yes I do:
  • Have a sample painting prepared and know how to break it down into easy steps. Keep the sample visible throughout the class. I keep mine up on an easel.
  • Practice ahead of time as if you were teaching it. Note how long it takes you to paint and add lots of extra time as your students will move more slowly as a group.
  • Have enough canvas or painting surfaces and paint for each person. Bring extra-always have more of everything than you think you will need.
  • Use paper plates for palettes and plastic cups for water and paper towels are a must.
  • Use paint brushes appropriate for the painting you're doing and have enough for each person.
  • You may need a hair dryer or two set up to dry the painting in between stages. I typically use these in my classes to keep things moving along.
Check out my post here for more detail on what I usually bring to class with me. If you're not teaching for your business, you won't need to get so fancy with supplies, but it gives you the basics like a pitcher to fill up the water cups, a camera, etc... 
Keep the steps simple and continue to focus on the fun-it doesn't have to be perfect, just an opportunity to relax and enjoy.
Let me know if you have any specific questions and good luck! I'd love to see pictures of your classes! 
Please post links to them in the comments. Let us know where can we find you on Instagram or Pinterest? 
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