Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Age Art

The Sunset Before Time on Drawcast App

My 11-year old daughter creates amazing artwork on her I-pad.  This one she made on an app called "Drawcast" which also creates a video of the lines and fillers you used in the process so you can watch what you did after the fact.  Every line, shape, circle.  It's a little replay that I haven't figured out how to share here yet, but you can view it if you have the app and search by the title.

I love the explosion of art and technology. My daughter and her friends make videos, design new fashions, invent new hairstyles.  It's a creative child's heaven to have access to so many ways of expressing yourself.
Here are some of my daughter's faves:

Glow Doodle-Draw a picture and press the glow button to see what happens!
Pencil Pad-Drawing pad where you use different colors
Paper 53-Blend colors and use a bunch of different tools
Doodle Buddy-Draw and use stamps and stickers.  Upload a photo from your library and draw on it.
Falling Stars-You draw a picture and then activate the stars that bounce against your drawing and make music.  Different sounds depending on what tools you used.
Forge of Neon-Create neon colored symmetrical patterns
Magic Painter-Create colorful, textured words and images

Created with Magic Painter using "Rejoice" tool


Jay said...

I love the explosion of art and technology too, though I'm struggling a little bit with the idea that work produce through technology can really be 'art'. That's my hang-up, and I know it.

Have you tried Scribbler? It's great fun!! I love it. I found it by accident a long time ago, but still keep going back to play with it.

Find it here: http://www.zefrank.com/scribbler/

In case your blog doesn't allow weblinks, it's 'doubleyou doubleyou doubleyou dot zefrank dot com' and you simply add a forward slash and the word 'scribbler' at the end of the URL.

Kelly D said...

Thanks for the tip Jay. I will check that out. My daughter is the real digital creator. She's much more comfortable in that medium than I am. I think I like the feel of the actual products in my hands as part of the experience. I have seem some pretty amazing creations on Draw Cast though, and you can watch the artists process of putting down the marks. he swirly design that she made I use as my screen saver at work and get a lot of comments on it.