Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wine Charms

I shared this post on my wine blog, winebellies but thought I would share it here too, as it's sort of a crossover wine and creative thing...

Libby's Charmers

And mine
Love the little wineglass
We had a beach-y thing going

 These charms were super easy to make-my kind of craft.  The girls even got in on the action.

I believe this is Teagan's

The girls can never resist when we bust out the art supplies, even though they were supposed to be frosting cookies in the kitchen...the call of the wine charms drew them in like a siren-song (or maybe it was the 80's music we were playing?  Who can resist 80's music???)

Libby and I had ourselves a Michael's shopping spree (followed closely by Mohitos at Cantina Laredo) 

Supply list:
wire earrings (They come in a box of tangled wire.  We didn't realize until later that the sizes actually vary)
beads in a variety of colors
charms (you may want to go with a theme)
Needle nosed tool to cut and twist wire

Slide the beads on the wire, arranging the charm so it's in the middle. (Best to lay out your pattern ahead of time, which we had no patience for so we just kept putting beads on and taking them off and then drinking more wine to ease our frustration...) 

The wire earrings already have a loop on one end, that stays as is.

When you have your beads on as you like them, use the needle-nosed/wire cutting tool to turn the non-loop end of the wire up at a 90 degree angle so that it holds the beads on and will lock in with the loop. (You may have to turn the loop slightly to align it.)  And Voila!  You are done. 

We made sets of 4, as you can see above in Libby's beach charm photo.  (My wine glass charm was the first one I made and we hadn't perfected how to bend the ends yet, so that one looks different.) 

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