Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Supporting Joy

"I make it a priority to do the things that I am passionate about even when I don’t see them directly leading to any beneficial thing in my life other than supporting my own joy." 
-Christina Seitz howtobeagoddess.net

I so love that my daughter is creative.  I love that she doesn't judge herself harshly.  That comparison hasn't snaked it's damaging head in just yet.  That she's still free to explore and create without censure. Without purpose even, other than to enjoy herself. She reminds me of what creating art should be-Fun! Free! And alive with color and energy.  

She's teaching me that not knowing how is ok- just make it up and it will turn out fine-that's what being creative is about. Not knowing gives you the opportunity to put your own spin on it.  She's a little bit of a rebel in that way.

My job, as I see it, is to keep this freedom alive in her.  I do it by finding it in myself and practicing.  Practicing setting aside judgement, expectation, critique of any kind.  Just giving myself permission to explore freely. To never be critical, of my own art or hers.  To look for what we most like in each other's art and to improve on those things.

I'm grateful to have such an excellent teacher. 
Rose pens made of duct tape
Rose Detail


Using yarn, lace and ribbon


Jay said...

Children are such a joy in their innocent exploration of the world, aren't they? I found the stage between becoming a toddler and becoming a teen fascinating, stimulating, inspiring, and full of lessons for me. My boys used art as a learning tool, as an outlet, as a message, sometimes even as a weapon! And I was amazed at their grasp of possibilities. This was, I think, exactly because they didn't see the limits, or the need to self-judge.

Of course, the younger then started to see his work in relation to his older brother's work and the rot set in, though I did my best to make him see that his own work was just as valid. Anyway, they both still enjoy their individual creativity now that they are 27 and 32 years old, which to me is a wonderful thing.

I love the weaving!

Kelly D said...

Thanks Jay. Yes my daughter has a friend that compares her work to others and always finds it to be lacking. I'm trying to find ways to encourage her to let go of those comparisons and just have fun with it. They're endlessly creative. Taking a cake decorating class right now, so guess who's baking today...Oh, and the weaving is my favorite, definitely something I want to do more of.