Sunday, January 1, 2017

Daily Creative #1: Watercolor Flowers

Welcome to Day 1 of Daily Creative! 

This is my new initiative to do something quick and creative every day, to establish my own daily practice. I'm committing to doing something each day that shakes me out of my normal making-whether its painting, drawing, art journaling, writing or making jewelry. My goal is 15 minutes a day of something I don't normally do.

So, here is my first little exploration. I went to the Commercial Art Supply store (which is like my kind of heaven!) and picked up a few new supplies to play with. The first was a new set of watercolor paints. (I bought Koi paints because I had tried them at a friends and liked them.)

5 minute flowers
I've never really gotten into watercolors in the past. I thought they were "not very forgiving" and didn't feel I could layer color over them in the same way I could with acrylic.

I stand corrected as I am becoming a watercolor maniac! I did these little "5 minute flowers" to test out the colors and see what they could do. I love how vibrant they are right out of the box, although they are fun to mix too. 

The "5 minute flower " is an exercise I learned from Martha Lever in Lifebook 2016. This was a little mini-exercise and started to make me curious about using watercolor more than I have in the past.

I then popped the photo above into PicMonkey to do some editing and found this cool feature (I just signed up for the PicMonkey Royale-the paid feature, so I've been playing around with the fun effects-look at this one!)

This is the "Poster" feature in PicMonkey Royale, fun right? Gives it a sort of pop-art look.

5 minute flowers edited in Picmonkey 

 Here's to a happy and colorful 2017!


Lyn Bernatovich said...

Love your 'daily practice' exercise using Koi paints. They continue to be a favorite. I'll check out Pic Monkey too. I've heard of it but haven't explored anything other than my Corel PaintShop program. Looking for to seeing where watercolor takes you in 2017!

Kelly D said...

Thanks Lyn! I used those Koi watercolors at your house and loved them! PicMonkey is great, I've been using it for years, but just upgraded to the paid version which has more features.