Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Daily Creative Day 9: Reflections

My daily creative practice is not meant to create masterpieces. My intention is to explore, try new techniques and colors. To just do fun, relaxing, no pressure warm-ups to remind myself why I started creating in the first place.

Sometimes I like the results. Sometimes I like a little part of the results. Mostly, I want to let go of liking and not liking and focus on how I feel when I paint.

In today's painting, I wanted to explore using colors I don't usually use. I was mixing Liquitex Soft Body paints together to see what new shades I could uncover.

This is not my normal palette as you will see if you take a quick scroll through my blog. 

What I'm taking away from this practice is the grays, peach and yellows that particularly strike me. I'm going to use these colors in something else. 

I was happily blobbing some of the paint on one side of the page and then smushing the pages together, creating the mirror effect that you can see in spots. I then added some lines and shapes around the spread.

This is my art journal which is my place to experiment and be free. I love that I never know what's going to happen and I just keep following urges I have, like smushing the pages together.

I approach it with the knowing that I cannot mess it up and I don't care what it looks like. This lumpy face makes me happy because I made it with glee and without the judgy voice in my head chanting its song.

Can you let go of what it looks like and just paint for the sake of exploration?  

It may just take your art in a totally new direction.


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