Monday, January 2, 2017

Daily Creative Day #2: Repeating Patterns

For Day 2 of Daily Creative, I thought I would share a fun, meditative, relaxing activity to do in front of the TV, sitting by the fire or while you're on a trip. You don't need a lot of supplies for these repeating Patterns that fill up a whole page. 

I chose swirls for my first pattern, cause I love em. I sneak swirls in wherever I can and when I have a chance to just run wild with them, well I'm gonna take it.

All you need is:
A small watercolor palette 
Mixed media or watercolor paper 
Fine tip, waterproof pens like sharpie markers, Pitt or Sakura Micron pens to make your swirls

Small, easy, portable stuff that you can carry with you to get your creative time in wherever you are.

I spent a few minutes just filling the page with large swirls, small swirls, medium swirls with my Sakura pen. I honestly like how they all looked in just black and white, but since my intention is to explore using watercolor more, I decided to fill them in with paint. 

You don't have to go with swirls of course. The next one I did was my balloons that I like to make. I used my Caran D'Ache water soluble pastels for this one. You just color them on like a crayon, and then go over them with plain old water on your brush-I use a travel watercolor brush for this.

I like how this has a festive, child-like flair. These shapes are a re-occuring theme in my artwork. Sometimes they look like trees, sometimes like stretched out balloons. They keep on popping up.

So, what are you making today?

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